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Jenni Moore

Owner, Lead Instructor & Artist


Jason Moore

Owner & Artist

Team: Meet the Team

Who We Are

Family of creators

My name is Jenni Moore and my husband, Jason Moore. We are the owners of Creative Clay House Lounge. We desired to create a place to enjoy building and playing with clay. We both enjoyed classes in high school and college. As time went by our passion for ceramics was put on the back burner as the journey of life was resulting in a growing family and careers in software and the medical field of Dental and Dermatology. We have 5 kids and are enjoy our life in Rocklin, CA. We wanted to have a place locally that we could go and create ceramic pieces with our family but there was nowhere locally that we could go that we could make the ceramics bisqueware as well as glazing and painting our ceramics pieces. At that time, we desired to start the journey of establishing Creative Clay House Lounge, a place to create with a welcoming home-like atmosphere where the whole family can come and enjoy their time. We knew that this ceramics studio had to be family-friendly but how could a ceramics studio be kid friendly?... That's where the idea of incorporating a Kids Activity Center came from. We knew that we had to find enough space to include a kid's play area. Creative Clay House Lounge Is Open and we excited to be Rocklin's Preferred Modern Ceramics Studio!

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