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Create with Us!

At Creative Clay House Lounge, we offer 3 types of experiences to create.

Glazing Gallery: Painting Ceramics

Handbuilding Hub: Building or sculpting by hand

Potters' Paradise: throwing a cylinder creation on a pottery wheel

We also have a Kids' Hangout Lounge for Kids 5- 10 to hangout during their session or during your session. 

Schedule your time in the studio to enjoy your ceramics experience. 


6835 Lonetree Blvd, #104

Rocklin, CA 95765

(next to Icing on the Cupcake)

If you are interested in painting ceramic creations. This is the right experience for you. We make all of our ceramic creations in the studio.


If you have already created a ceramic piece in the studio from the Handbuilding Hub or Potters' Paradise experiences, this is the next step after 2 weeks of making your creation. 

Painting Ceramics-Glazing Gallery

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Ceramics. Clay. Hands._edited.jpg

If you enjoy creating with clay through handbuilding techniques such as pinch, slab, or coil building, this is the right experience for you.


There are focus project classes that go step by step to help you create a specific project inspired by Pinterest artists or creation from owner. 

Handbuilding Class options:

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There are also Self Lead sessions. A Self Lead session is for you to make whatever you would like with YOU leading your project. A little direction is given to you at the beginning to help you success. But it is up to you to lead and create independently.  

Self-Lead Session:

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3 hands.webp

If you have thrown on the pottery wheel or have always wanted to, this experience is the right one for you! 

We do require kids to be 10 years and older for their own enjoyment.

A one on one class is available upon request for children under 10 years old. (1 on 1 class ranges from $150 - $270 per hour depending on the time and day of the request)

We offer 2 time options: 1 hour & 1.5 hours on the wheel 

The 1 hour session is for "Experienced" Potters - This session will NOT include instruction. Cost: $35

the Experienced Pottery wheel with no instruction

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The 1.5 hours session is a "Class hybrid". A thorough step by step class is available if you need it within the 1.5 session. Cost: $45

the Pottery Wheel Class hybrid with instruction 

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Glazing Gallery

Painting Ceramics

Handbuilding Hub

Building or sculpting by hand

Pottery Paradise

throwing on a pottery wheel

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