We are your modern ceramics studio that has colored glaze, handbuilding and pottery wheel experiences.

A creative space to learn and grow.
For Adults and Children.

Mondays: Closed,    Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm - 8pm,

Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 9pm,   Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

3 White Vases
Painting Pottery

Glazing Gallery

Price: Starting at $11 + ceramic piece ($5-$60)

2-hour session

Paint Some Bisqueware

Pick a bisqueware piece or one of your own creations that you made here in the studio to paint and design your own masterpiece. We have underglaze, and glaze options.

Daily Sessions times: book online or walks ins welcome

                                     12pm - 2pm 

                                       2pm - 4pm 

                                       4 pm - 6pm 

                                       6pm - 8pm  

Shaping Clay

Handbuilding Hub

Price: Starting at $25

2-hour session

3 lbs. of clay included

Hand Make Your Creations

Build your own creation with clay (greenware). Find options on Pinterest or YouTube using our free WiFi to follow along an online class of your choosing. Instructors guidance is available.

Daily Sessions times: book online or walks ins welcome

                                        12pm - 2pm 

                                          2pm - 4pm 

                                          4pm - 6pm 

                                          6pm - 8pm  

Wheel Throwing

Potters' Paradise

Price: $35

1-hour session

2.5 lbs. of clay included

Throw Some Clay

Throw your own creation with clay  (greenware) on a pottery wheel. Instructor guidance is available. Or you can use  our free WiFi to take any online instruction or video of your choosing. This experience is for artists 10 years an older.

Daily Sessions times: book online 

(no instruction)

12pm - 1pm

  1pm - 2pm (sundays = book online option)

  2pm - 3pm 

Book Online, 

  3pm - 4pm 

  5pm - 6pm 

  7pm - 8pm  

Candle Creation Corner

Adding a little something to your ceramic creation.

We are happy and excited to announce that we now offer candle creations. Once you are completed with your glazing. Now you can choose to upgrade your creation to a candle. We have 12 different fragrances and 7 different colors to choose. Make your family a new handmade ceramic piece and we will convert it into a candle.

Misty Slope

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Studio Waiver

All Participants for the Pottery Wheel, Handbuilding, and Kids Lounge must sign studio waiver.