Reserve Your Session/Class

  • Enjoy throwing clay on a pottery wheel. Complimentary Beginner lesson

    1 hr

    35 US dollars
  • Reserve a table to get down and dirty with building with your hands!

    2 hr

    $25 per builder
  • Paint your completed ceramics piece or buy a bisqueware piece here.

    2 hr

    $11/painter +$_piece
  • Learn how to coil build your own bowl

    2 hr

    $30 per builder
  • Enjoy pinching some clay to make a mug of your very own

    2 hr

    $30 per builder
Geometric Triangles Black

Studio Sessions


Glazing Gallery
2-hour session
$9 + price of Bisqueware

Painting Pottery

Painting a masterpiece

Drop in or reserve a time to come and paint using underglaze or glaze. You can choose to paint one of your creations that you made in the studio from one of the other sessions or you can choose one of our studio bisqueware pieces to paint your own design. Creative Clay House Lounge is the only ceramics studio that gives you and option to dip-glaze your creation.

Potters' Paradise
1-hour session, 
$35 per potter, 
additional 25 minutes for $10

Pottery Workshop

Be the master of your creation

Get your hands dirty with a fun and interactive Clay Pottery session today. Instructions during the first 30 minutes of session.  CCH Creative Specialists are available to help guide you in your session to create what you are trying to create during the session.  We have 6 wheels that can be on a drop in session or reserved. 1 wheel is available for trimming too!

Handbuilding Hub
2-hour session
$25 per builder

Shaping Clay

Be the creator of your masterpiece

Whether it is smoothing out slabs, rolling coils, or pinching pots, your creation is at your fingertips. Your vision is created by molding clay into anything you could dream of. Use our wifi and get inspired on pinterest to find your next creation.