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We are parents ourselves and want to support the creative growth of children and adults!

We are excited to create with your students! We are currently vendors for the homeschools below.

If you do not see your homeschool below, please email us your homeschool. As well as let your school contact know that you would like to participate in one of our classes and request they email us a vendor packet.

Recommended Voucher Recommendation

Pottery Wheel session/class is for ages 10 years and older
**For kids under 10, add 2 additional self lead handbuilding sessions replace the pottery wheel sessions.
Memberships at the studio are for ADULTS only

Name of Service.                                     Price.                         Quantity
Handbuilding Hub_Focus 1.                           $35.                             3
Handbuilding Hub_Self-Lead.                        $25.                            2** 
Potters' Paradise Class
(1.5 hrs) *10 and older      $45.                            2
Potters' Paradise Session
(1 hr) *10 and older
     $35.                            2
Painting Ceramics_Glazing Gallery.           $11.                           total number of projects