Your Modern Ceramics Studio

Activity Options

PAINTING ceramics: Piece you made in the studio or choose a piece from the bisqueware gallery. G.G. = Gazing Gallery turnaround time: 3-10 days  

WHEEL (AGE requirement:  12+ ) The Pottery Wheel is a relaxing and fun activity. It is a harder acquired skill to learn. Class hybrid = 1.5 hrs on the wheel with instructions/feedback or Experience Potter: 1 hr on the wheel no feedback or instructions.  Private lessons are available PP = Potters' Paradise  turnaround time: 2 weeks 

Throwing on the wheel for the first time is a lot like riding a bike for the first time learning how to balance, control the pedals, work the breaks all while moving forward at a good speed, and watching where you are going. 

Pottery wheel class you will be taught: 

1. how to prep clay

2. body positioning 

3. wheel speeds and direction knowledge

4. centering the clay

5. making a cylinder shape: bowl, cup, or vase shape

6. how to wet trim 

Step by step on first piece, 2nd piece you do without instructions. 

HANDBUILD (not on the wheel) Handbuilding is using techniques with your hands. Techniques: pinch, slab, coil, sculpt. "Focus" project classes for beginners or "Self-lead session for more experienced artist ("self lead" =come with a specific project in mind) HH = Handbulding Hub turnaround time: 2 weeks 

Focus 1 class: beginners

Focus 2-3 class: intermediate

Focus 4-5 class: advanced

Self-lead session: intermediate to advanced. You should know a little about working with clay before doing a self lead project. I would recommend going through one of our focus classes before doing the self lead session. Unless you have had a ceramics class.


Enhanced LOUNGE: hang out at our lounge cafe and Kids nook. Purchase food, beverages, and have a place for the younger kids to play (ages: 2- 9)

New GALLERY: buy already made ceramic pieces for friends and family or request to be a featured artist.